The Jurado Family

Missionaries To Masbate, Phillipine Islands

Bro. Joel Jurado is the ABMI missionary currently working on Burias Island. Three churches have been started as result of Bro. Jurado's ministry, two of which he started himself. The other church was founded by a man Bro. Jurado led to Christ several years ago. Bro. Jurado currently pastor's all three churches. Occasionally, he is able to send young preachers to the other churches to preach; but he remains faithful to all three churches and plans to train pastors to take over.

Burias Island is a very primitive place with no electricity (only generators,) no modern vehicles (no roads,) and no modern conveniences. Bro. Jurado is burdened for the more than 100,000 souls on this Island.

The three churches in Bro. Jurado's ministry are located in strategic places.

  • Pleasant Valley Baptist Church: Quintina

This church is Bro. Jurado's home base where he and his family lives. The church is located less than 100 feet from the tide of the South China Sea.

  • Pleasant Hill Baptist Mission: Cawayan

This church is Bro. Jurado's first mission outreach. He already has property with a church building located near the bay.

  • Roanoke Baptist Church: Mabini

This church is another work located on the opposite side of the island. Either the Jurado family, or one of his young preachers travels by dirt bike or boat every Sunday to hold services.


Names: Joel, Jhing, Jether

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Quintina, San Pascual, Masbate, Phil.

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