Missionaries to St. Lawrence Island, Alaska.

Bro. Kevin Smith is our first full-time missionary to the extreme portions of the North. St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, is the field of the Smtih Family and we are thrilled about having him with us at ABMI.

Here is a special message from the Smiths.

In February of 2007, I was asked to go on a mission trip as part of a large Mission project "Operation Saturation"  This is a 3-4 year project to put a King James Bible in every home in the artic circle. I was part of a team of five preachers from NC, and two missionary preachers/pilots that went to St Lawrence Island in August of 2007. Though it's not actually in the artic circle it's location in the Bering Sea makes it one of the harshest inhabited places in North America.  There are two villages on the Island, Gambell and Savoonga, each with a population of about 750 Eskimos.  We went to Gambell first, knocking on every door, giving the bible packet, witnessing, and inviting them to the services we were holding.  While in Gambell two girls were saved, and many hearts were stirred.  From there we went to Savoonga to do the same.  During the meetings in Savoonga 9 souls were saved, four of them the morning we were supposed to leave the island.  In both villages we had people praying for bad weather so we could not leave.

The Lord burdened my heart to return to the Island.  We started to plan to return, as soon as we arrived home. We were told before the first trip that it was almost impossible to gain access to the island.  It is owned by the people, and they say who comes and goes, but there is an open door for the gospel.  The Lord worked it out for us to return in February.  My pastor, Keith Sizemore, myself, and my wife would be returning. Upon arriving at the Island we were greeted at the runway by snow mobiles, and a minus 50 degree temperature. We began visiting and having services that day.  The people were really touched that we had come in the heart of winter. Our services began at 6pm and usually lasted 2-3 hours.  One night we dealt with folks until 12:30am, three souls were saved that night.  At our last service in Savoonga the elders gathered round and sang to us and prayed with us, begging us to return as soon as possible.  We flew out the next day for Gambell, and began visiting homes upon arrival. We stayed with a 62 year old school teacher, and had the privilege of leading her to the Lord the morning before we left.  We had nightly services in spite of the blizzard like conditions at times. The power of God was present in the services and we saw a true move of God, with folks coming for prayer for the first time in their life.

It is very important for us to get to the Island quickly, while the door is open.  We plan to begin a Baptist church upon arrival. There is also a great need for a Christian school, and children"s home.  It is our ultimate desire to train the natives to take up the work in God"s time.

Would you pray with us and consider having us come share the work with your church, and supporting the work financially with either a one time gift or monthly support, that we may go share so great a salvation.  Please contact us with any further questions.











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Oak Grove Baptist Church

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